Satyam was born in Treviso in 1955. After attending humanistic and philosophical studies, he developed a passion for communication, also non-verbal.
Satyam started painting at the age of 14. In 1970, with a small group of young painters, he attended the studio of a master artist, Giovanni Biasi, Vizzotto Alberti’s scholar, from the lineage of Giovanni Fattori. From that fellowship, “Collettivo d’arte” was born. They organized an exhibition in Ca’ dei Ricchi, Treviso, in 1972.
Satyam already in those years had started experimenting mixed techniques, still remaining inside the figurative field.
From 1990 his search expanded from the narrow space of the canvas to different supports, till the final forms included “in boxes”.
The name Satyam comes from his meeting with the spiritual master Osho in 1980.
Satyam means truth in Sanskrit and it’s the name given to him by Osho. It’s not about a Truth with a Capital “T”, it’s not something absolute and strict, but it’s the truth of one single moment, one’s own truth, it’s something very simple and authentic.
About this, Satyam explains:
“When I touch it, I become aware that it’s just a universal truth fragmented into zillions of individual units, ultimately mirroring the All, in a sort of Hologram.
The gesture of artistic creation is an expression of my truth, an expression of a multifaceted truth, constantly changing, constantly evolving.